ZestSC2 USB FPGA board

This product has now been declared end-of-life with a Last-Time-Buy (LTB) of 30th November 2022. Please contact Orange Tree Technologies if you wish to make a LTB before this date.

The ZestSC2 FPGA USB board has all the benefits of the ZestSC1 as a high performance FPGA board suitable for prototyping and production through to OEM volumes. It is ideal for data acquisition, processing and FPGA development work but is better equipped to manage more demanding tasks.



  • Interface to numerous sensors and devices
  • Out of the box solution – quick and easy to set up
  • Fastest possible USB data transfer rate to and from the host PC
  • Highly portable, with power drawn entirely from USB cables if required, so it can be used with a laptop for development work or ease of demonstration
  • Standard 0.1” pitch connectors for maximum flexibility and integration
  • Low cost data acquisition and processing
  • A daughter card can be designed to add other interfaces to equipment e.g. video, audio, communications



  • High Speed (480Mbits/sec) USB interface offering sustained data rate of up to 40MBytes/sec
  • Xilinx Spartan-3 FPGA with 4 million gates
  • 64MBytes of SDRAM
  • 8MBytes of pipelined ZBT SRAM
  • Daughter card or ribbon cable headers with 200 pins of user I/O plus power and ground
  • FPGA configured from USB, on-board flash or JTAG
  • Software support for Windows and Linux
  • Logic cores for all FPGA interfaces
  • Supplied with reference designs (including C, VHDL and Verilog sources)



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