About Us

Orange Tree Technologies is a board level embedded hardware and software company specializing in high-speed embedded device interconnect and FPGA technologies. Used by some of the world’s leading technology companies our products and services help address the challenges of rapidly changing industrial, medical, defence, scientific and consumer electronics markets.

Orange Tree’s core focus is on connecting real-time devices to computers, with high-speed Gigabit Ethernet and USB interfaces. We exploit the latest FPGA technologies to save time for our customers, with board-level products and design services. Since we were founded in 2001, we have gained world-class expertise in the fields of data acquisition, processing and device/host interconnect.

OEM engagements are supported through customization via Orange Tree’s dedicated design services function. Headquartered in Oxford, UK, Orange Tree Technologies is a privately held company and operates internationally.



Companies such as Apple, Avago Technologies, BAE Systems, Nvidia, Sharp, Texas Instruments, Thales and the US Navy use technology developed by Orange Tree Technologies.

Semiconductor start-ups use Orange Tree Technology to help develop their own products, and researchers at some of the world's most prestigious universities use our technology to support their research programs.

Orange Tree Technologies Ltd
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