Gigabit Ethernet Boards

Orange Tree's Gigabit Ethernet boards are ideally suited to interconnect between a host and a networked embedded system. Our unique Gigabit Ethernet TCP/IP offload engine (TOE) enables rapid development of connected systems, and provides flexible connection to remote real-time data acquisition and control devices.

Orange Tree's proprietary GigExpedite® chip, GigEx®, is a TOE that handles all the Ethernet communications protocols. This leaves our modules’ FPGA completely free for the user's application, and means no knowledge of Ethernet protocols is required. With the main processing engine implemented in TOE hardware, sustained data rates over 100MBytes/sec are achieved.

Read more here about how GigEx® helps simplify user applications, and the benefits of our approach to Gigabit Ethernet, or download our white paper on offloading TCP/IP into hardware.

Our Ethernet interface boards provide high performance connectivity in a wide range of applications. They can be used in a local network (as shown in the first image), or connected to a global network (as shown in the second diagram).

The diagram below shows how a board can be connected to a global network, such as for IIoT applications.


Features and Benefits

  •     High performance Gigabit Ethernet with best-in-class sustained data rates of 100MBytes/s
  •     Gigabit Ethernet TCP/IP offload engine simplifies network connectivity
  •     Comprehensive software support
  •     Flexible I/O for maximum versatility
  •     Rapidly process data on the fly
  •     Interface to other networked devices to control and/or acquire data from them
Product Serial Interface Serial Interface Jack User FPGA and memory User CPU I/O Pins Ethernet Real-time Extensions
ZestET2-J Gigabit Ethernet 105
ZestET2-NJ Gigabit Ethernet 105
ZestETM1 Gigabit Ethernet 41
ZestET1 Gigabit Ethernet 80

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