ZestSC1 USB FPGA board

The ZestSC1 FPGA USB board is a low-cost, high performance FPGA board suitable for prototyping and production through to OEM volumes. It’s ideal for data acquisition and processing and FPGA development work.



  • Out of the box solution – quick and easy to set up
  • Fastest possible USB data transfer rate to and from the host PC
  • Small and highly portable, with power drawn entirely from USB cable if required, so it can be used with a laptop for development work or ease of demonstration
  • Standard 0.1” pitch connectors for maximum flexibility and integration
  • Low cost data acquisition and processing
  • A daughter card can be designed to add other interfaces to equipment e.g. video, audio, communications



  • High Speed (480Mbits/sec) USB interface offering sustained data rate of up to 40MBytes/sec
  • Xilinx Spartan-3 FPGA with 1 million gates
  • 1 or 8MBytes of pipelined ZBT SRAM
  • Daughter card or ribbon cable header with 49 pins of user I/O plus power and ground
  • FPGA configured from USB or JTAG
  • USB powered plus wall adapter and hard disk power connectors
  • Software support for Windows and Linux
  • Logic cores for all FPGA interfaces
  • Reference designs (including C, VHDL and Verilog source)


Please use our contact form for a quote indicating which version(s) you require.

ZestSC1-1000-1 : 1 million gates Spartan-3 with 1MByte SRAM

ZestSC1-1000-8 : 1 million gates Spartan-3 with 8MByte SRAM

Discounts are available for volume orders, students, and non-commercial university projects

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